Note: our previous name was “Nelson Land Group”

Do you dream of a neighbourhood where:07storytime

  • there is a wonderful mix of children and elders and everybody in between?
  • you can live, work, play, grow food, raise kids, and grow old?
  • your neighbours are your friends, and vice versa – and they’re equally thrilled to share childcare?
  • you don’t have to own & maintain your own lawn mower, snow blower, hedge trimmer, drill press, loom, etc. etc etc…
  • you can have a flourishing garden in the summer and keep chickens, but still be able to go hiking, camping and traveling because a team of people are working together to take care of the land.
  • community dinners happen six nights a week, and you can join in or not?
  • making apple cider in the fall is a great excuse for a festival.
  • eastnode-socialit might take 45 minutes to get from the parking lot to your home on a Friday night because two different people offer you a drink on the way, and you wind up dancing to a crazy accordion player on someone’s front porch? OK, maybe you don’t like accordions… But if everything else sounds good, read on!

Cohousing communities are custom neighborhoods designed to combine private homes with extensive community facilities to create some of the most socially and environmentally sustainable neighborhoods being built in North America in the 21st Century. Nelson Cohousing has engaged renowned cohousing architects/authors Charles Durrett and Kathryn McCamant to guide and help manifest our unique vision into reality.

People drift into the common house. The few minutes before dinner are a time to relax and catch up on each other’s lives. Aromas of pesto and apple pie lift the senses. A toddler with golden curls stands on a kitchen chair, helping his mom put bread in baskets for the tables. An elder is telling a story to her twelve-year-old granddaughter while folding napkins. By six o’clock the dining room is bustling with life as people find their seats. It’s mealtime at Nevada City Cohousing — from Creating Cohousing

Heddle Road Property

In February, 2013 we bought our land located at the end of Heddle Road at 6 Mile on the North Shore – a 12 minute drive into Nelson. Screen-Shot-2012-11-23-at-9.01.50-PM This beautiful 24 acre parcel sits south facing and has spectacular views of Kootenay Lake. The natural features of the land that favour our cohousing development include:

  • 8 acres of flat/moderate land suitable for our houses and food production
  • 16 acres of forest land which borders Crown Land
  • spectacular lake views and endless mountain trails
  • natural springs flowing through it

Homes and Common Facilities

Houses will be energy efficient and of modest size that considers the common house facilities available for all to use (e.g. storage, workshops, guest rooms, office space, large kitchen, dining and sitting area, teen’s area). Homes will be clustered like a village – creating a cohesive community by proximity. This leave the majority of the land undeveloped left as a growing forest.

People will own their own homes within a strata title. You can have a mortgage and sell your home on the open market. There will be a common driveway and parking area located outside the housing area. Infrastructure related to food production will include garden beds, deer fencing, root cellar, etc.

Each household will own a share of all the community infrastructure. This will include a:

  • 4700 sq. ft. common house with large kitchen, dining room, sitting room, kids room, laSept-7-kids-and-gardens-3undry, storage, walk-in freezer, teen’s room
  • gardens, greenhouse, root cellar and chicken coop
  • fruit trees and edible landscape (ie. lots of berries)
  • wood working, crafting and metal working shop
  • bike sheds & outdoor storage
  • office/studio spaces
  • multi-functional quiet space
  • separate guest accommodations with private entrances


We values everyone’s ideas and insights, knowing that each individual has something to offer. Communication is the backbone of a strong community. In recognizing this we share agreements that can facilitate healthy forms of communication. We are a participatory group valuing the input of all members and we reach decisions through consensus. The group engages with each other weekly through community meetings and committees and in this way everyone shares in the work of building community.


Preliminary two bedroom plus plan

It is important to us that our community should be affordable, both at the outset and in the future for new members. Our estimate for homes is:

  • 830 sq. ft. two bedroom home is $250,000 to $265,000
  • 1200 sq. ft. two bedroom plus den home is $320,000 to $340,000
  • 1500 sq. ft. three bedroom home is $355,000 to $375,000

Members need to have a 15% downpayment by March 15th, 2014.

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