We are beginning to answer questions people may have about our project.

Community Life

How often will community dinners be? and who cooks?

There will be a common dinner served 6 nights a week. Attendance is always optional and people will probably attend 2 to 3 nights a week. We will rotate cooking the common dinner so you’ll get to cook for 20 to 30 people once every six weeks.

Can I rent or sublet my house? Can I rent in the community?

We are in the process of deciding the details of renting out part of our houses. We will be able to sublet our houses in times when we are gone, and we will ensure, that renters understand the and agree with the community living.

What is a common house?

The common house is like the extended living room of people who live in the community. It’s a place to have dinners together, to hang out in the early evening on the common terrace, to dance. There will be a kids room filled with arts and crafts supplies. There will be one or two guest rooms for your family or friends to stay in when they come to visit. There will be a teen hangout room, and perhaps other rooms such as a music or sewing room, or shared office space. There may also be a mini store to buy cheese and milk. We are having a workshop in early 2013 to define what exactly will be in the common house. It will probably be around 4500 square feet.

how long have you been a group?

The idea of the Nelson Co-housing first came to seed three years ago and the group has evolved and grown from there.  Now we are in the phase of fruition.

how do we deal with community conflict?

We use the method  of “Compassionate Communication”. If conflict arises concerning an adressed issue, the group members raise their concerns to the group and the group listens and values the opinion. Then the group has to find the most suitable solution that can be produced.

Are all ages welcome?

All ages are very welcome!

Do you have to have a certain philosophy to join the community?

No, there is no philosophy that you need to follow to join the community.  We just ask prospective members to read our vision statement and see if it aligns with their values and views of community living.

How do you make decision? What is your governance model?

Governance and community–affecting decisions will be done as a group, using a simple consensus model. We will explore creating ways that allow everyone to share in community responsibilities. We will pursue governance in a manner that provides incentive for participation, with limited mandated participation.

Are pets welcome?

Yes, as long as nobody feels disturbed. So fencing e.g. might be necessary.

How many people will live there?

There will be 40 to 45 adults living in the community plus about 20 to 25 kids. Ages range from newly born to seniors.

Land and Development

How many houses will there be?

Our current plan is to have around 24 units. We will have 40 to 45 adults living in the community.

Can I visit the land?

Yes, you can. E-mai Robinl sojourner.robin@gmail.com for land viewing.

Can I build my own house?

No. All units are going to be prefab duplexes, built by one contractor.

How big are the houses going to be?

We are building two bedroom homes (830 sq. ft.), two bedroom + homes (1200 sq. ft.) and three bedroom homes (1400 sq. ft.). Only the units on the southern side will have basements, so the extra square footage has to be added.


Will houses have basements?

The houses on the southern side of the development will have basements. Having a full basement will add a premium to the cost of the house.


How do you become a member of the community?

Please follow the steps, described on our website www.nelsoncohousing.com under Membership.

Are all ages welcome?

All ages are very welcome!

Ownership and Finance

Can I sell my house? what is the ownership structure?

Yes, you can sell your house just like you would with any other house. You can sell it privately or use a realtor. The houses will be built as legal strata units, so you will have a strata title to your house and it’s surrounding area. We are not a land coop or tenants in common.

Can I get a mortgage? when?

Yes, once built members will buy their houses just like other houses on the market. You’ll need to get your mortgage once the entire development is complete. (estimated fall 2014.)

What are the strata fees?

We estimate the strata fees to be from $100 to $200 a month, depending on the size of your house.

How much will the houses cost?

you can find our current cost estimates at the bottom of this page: http://nelsonlandgroup.com/about/

How are you different form a housing coop?

In a co-housing community everyone holds the ownership title of one’s house and property. Attached to that title will be the strata-title of the aquivalent part of the common land and common structures. There is no screening process of new members, but just an orientation and a vision alignment.

In a housing coop everybody owns a share of the coop and there is no private ownership. Also members are chosen by the group.

If I change my mind can I get my initial investment back?

Yes, you can get your money back. If we have sufficient cashflow your funds will be returned immediately, however if not your funds will be returned once the last unit sells.

If you have a question that is not answered here please email deryk@bluemandala.com.