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Nelson Cohousing Community Members

We are diverse group of individuals who have a common a desire to live in an ecologically sustainable manner and participate sustainable agriculture.  We’re posting our pictures and telling you a bit about ourselves here.

Andrew E. and Tara W.

ta teslinAndrew is Executive Director of the Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice, a Doctor-led not-for-profit engaged in primary health care reform. Tara has a graphic design business called Picnic Creative, but presently focuses most of her love and energy on their surprisingly fast toddler, Teslin. The family are great enthusiasts of the outdoors, enjoying the Kootenay back-country through hiking, skiing and canoeing.

Deryk W.and Soledad Q.-H.

deryk-family-600x502 sole-600x450Deryk and Soledad have two young daughters, Atiyana and Hatariy (you can see Hatariy peeking out from the blanket). They met in Peru and visit Soledad’s large family there often. Deryk is co-owner of Blue Mandala where he builds website applications for spiritual retreat centers with his brother Cameron. Soledad is opening a family run hotel the Hotel Pisac Inca in Cusco, Peru. Deryk and Soledad aspire to live lightly on the land and live in a healthy, caring and dynamic community.

Matt and Megan L.

matt-megan-e1353814733894-150x150Megan and Matt recently married! Matt is 43 and has been a resident of Nelson for most of his adult life.  He is the assistant Produce Manager at the Kootenay Country Cooperative Natural Food Store in Nelson. He enjoys an array of wilderness activities around the area and plays a little music. He’s keen to build and live more sustainably. Originally from Vancouver, Megan spent 5 years living in London, UK then found her home in Nelson, BC. She’s a passionate lover of nature, art, movement, sustainable health and life.  Megan works as a pilates and integrative movement instructor, and an artist at heart. She’s excited about community living and farming, especially as way of life in which to bring up their child whom is under construction in her belly.

Bessie W.

Bessie-Squash-600x406I’m a musician, theatre-maker, educator, gardener, and servant to Charlotte The Cat. I was born in Manhattan, became a sister in Toronto, and grew up in the West Kootenays. For most of my adult life I was based in Vancouver, creating theatre, stilt-dance & music, and performing throughout North America & in Europe. In 2006, distressed by my seriously bulging footprint, I returned to Nelson to live a simpler life closer to my family. I was thrilled to meet people here with similar desires for community, sharing, and life closer to the land. I am deeply grateful for the remarkable opportunity to co-create a neighbourhood in joyful, caring, cooperation.

Darcy K. and Robin F.

photo-6-e1353910464213-150x150Darcy has been in the Koots for 10 years, and after a wild cross-continental courtship, Robin moved to be with him from Arizona 5 years ago.  Both have been seeking sustainable, joyful, and health enhancing ways of living for all of their adult lives.  Darcy is a consciousness researcher, green builder, and all-around handy man.  Robin received a Master’s in Sustainable Communities with a focus on individual health in 2008, and currently works as a nutritional counsellor, real food chef, and superfood distributor.  Both Darcy and Robin can’t imagine a more viable, vibrant, or exciting approach to home, community, and learning to live an authentic life with others.

Jen & Rob M.

Jen-and-Rob-biggerJen and Rob love living in the Kootenays. They have two delightful daughters Madison and Michelle. Jen works as an Environmental Engineer and has a huge passion for anything related to environmental awareness, protection and reclamation with a specific interest in Watershed Management. She loves gardening, swimming, skiing and playing with her children. Rob is a software developer and is a sports fan who enjoys hockey, soccer and skiing. Their appeal of the NLG is their commitment to sustainability, community and food security. They know this will be an excellent place for their children to be raised.

Vikki P.

Vikki-and-Kids-e1353813655243 (1)Vikki and two kids, Azkenik and Aztlan, moved to Nelson three years ago in search of a family-friendly place to live. Vikki is interested in sustainable living and growing food, and when she learned of the Nelson Land Group, decided that it made more sense to do it with a group of like-minded people than to do it alone. Vikki also loves the idea of her kids growing up in community, and feels that their lives will be richer because of it. She is the creator and owner of Crafting Naturally, a fundraising program for schools.

Ali R.

Photo-on-2012-12-21-at-20.30-600x450I have been living in the Nelson area for the last eleven years. My curiosity of life has led me to explore many different forms of work; from yoga to farming, doula work to child care.  I have spent eight years coming and going from The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga and this experience has opened the love I have for community living.  The Nelson Land Group has presented itself as a potential to diving deeper into a gift of togetherness (cum, “with/together” + munus, “gift”) and building true community.

Linda H.

Linda-at-60-600x494Linda Hunter is the Manager of the West Kootenay Infant Development Program. She has lived in the Kootenays since 1990 and is a widow since 2006.  She came to Nelson because she was seeking a small vibrant community to live in. The fact that Nelson is situated in such a beautiful valley is what has kept her here.  Linda is always looking for new ways to look at life and living and becoming involved in the Nelson Land Group felt like the way of the future to her.

Isabelle Anne and Stephane F.

IMG_2226-e1354657537330-150x150Maika Honu Celeste who joined us in june of 2010, has been looking for a nourishing, grounded and beautifull place to experience her new reality with us. Maika is our amazing sun rays, warming and nourishing our life experiences! Isabelle Anne is a good example of when eastern and western phylosophy meet: she practices family medicine and also teaches at Universite Laval in Quebec, at the same time she has studied and integrated in her life differents spiritual philosophies. She is a great mother and inspiration to others and love painting, dancing and enjoying a good laugh! Stephane lived in Nelson from 1996-2005, he has traveled extensively to understand and experience life in over 25 countries, his life passion is trying to understand the diversities in integrating Traditional chinese medicine, western medicine and north american native medicine. Stephane is also a passionate outdoor lover, from hiking to kayaking to hunting and gathering. To find him, just keep your sense of smell alert since Stephane loves creating fun and tasty fusion with his food! His kitchen tends to be is temple!

Jessica D.

jess kidsIn 2010, Jessica and her sons Liam and Samuel left Germany looking for a new place to call home. The Nelson area, with its marvelous nature and sense of community, felt like the right spot. After living in and around beautiful Kaslo, it was time to make the move to Nelson.  Liam and Samuel have been going to the Waldorf School for the past year, where Jessica enjoys working as a teaching assistant.  Jessica connected with the Nelson Land Group at the right time. She knew that this was the missing link – a home with loving, constructive, community-oriented people who share a vision. She is excited to help build a hopeful future and to enjoy her passions—music, conversation and the great outdoors—with like-minded people.

Jon S., Mary Ann and Kathryn S.

maryann P6090268-e1354835980438-150x150Kathryn is into her third year of retirement from the film industry where she worked for fifteen years as a Production Accountant. Prior to becoming a number cruncher, she sailed from Victoria BC to New Zealand through the South Pacific on a two year trip with a buddy in a 27′ boat.  She also spent time just travelling in Africa, Europe, Thailand, Hawaii and England. Jon is a journalist specializing in food and agriculture. He produced and hosted an internationally syndicated radio show between 2006-2010 and is now the host and writer for a documentary television series produced by Toronto’s Stornoway Communications. He travels as a public speaker and is a Board Director of the Kootenay Country Store Co-operative – Canada’s largest independent consumer food co-op. Mary Ann splits her time as a bookkeeper for small businesses in Nelson, a DJ at nightclubs and festivals, and teaches Pilates at the Kootenai Pilates Centre. Jari is 12 years old and in Grade 6 in a french immersion program in Nelson. He loves trampolining, swimming, skiing and listening to stories!

Rayya L. and Nathan S.

cottonwood-002-e1374038810119-150x150Our family shares a love for nature, outdoor adventure, and creative play. Nathan  is an artistic metal worker and a dedicated gardener. Rayya teaches at the Nelson Waldorf school and is passionate about writing and photography. Cyrus (age 7) is looking ahead to building a boat and setting out with his friends to bring peace on earth in a mission he has named “the Peace Doves” (new members welcomed). Sabian (age 3) loves ice cream, Dr. Seus, and his sandbox. We long to create community with others and share ideas, inspirations, and meals. We hope we can provide opportunities for our children that we have always dreamed of but can never achieve as a nuclear family. We look forward to more simplicity, time, and fun in our lives!

Dave L. & Teresa W.

P1010307-450x600 (1)Both Dave and Teresa are fairly new to the Kootenays! Dave moved to the Kootenays in 2011 after a few years of testing it out a bit and Teresa has recently moved here in August 2013. Both Dave and Teresa work in the non-profit sector – Dave works with the Pembina Institute, an environmental organization advancing clean energy solutions in Canada, and Teresa works for Freedom Quest, a regional youth support and service organization focusing on addiction support. For the both of them, the Nelson area has it all – lakes and mountains for all the fun outdoor adventures – trail running, biking, sailing (one day!), backpacking and skiing. There is also the spiritual side of the Kootenays that has drawn them, and the many opportunities and connections that await. They are both super excited to be part of the co-housing project where they hope to soon be very busy growing food, hanging out and maybe even milking goats!

Diane S.

Diane-Saibil-150x150Diane is a part-time consultant to non-profit organizations, with many years of experience in the co-operative housing sector. She grew up in Montreal, but has spent most of her adult life between Ottawa and downtown Toronto, with a brief stint in Rwanda. She moved to Nelson to be close to her delightful grandchildren and is very glad she did.

Alia, Joey & Claire H.

photo-9-e1377056571318-600x600The Hamilton family has been living in the Nelson area for ten years. Originally from Alberta. Dean and Alia are committed to having a happy, healthy, holy family life. We are thrilled to be member of a community committed to mutual support & Cooperation.

Ryan C.and Jessica R.


Nearly a year ago we left our Ontario home in search of a community to nurture our family and find a piece of land to love. A whirlwind of events landed us in the Kootenay winter where we fell in love with this place and its beautiful people. Ryan’s desires and passions drive him to help others reach their business goals while achieving sustainability. Jess is a professional childbirth educator who focuses on Natural Human Nurturing techniques and practices such peaceful parenting with their two young children: Iah and Jace. The family loves spontaneous outdoor adventures, tickling, dancing, growing food, loving animals, and share the joy of life with others.


Tara, Todd, Kaeli & Tyler K.

Tara-and-Todd-Kettner-600x450The natural beauty of Nelson, the diversity of people who live here, and the abundance of outdoor activities drew us to the area in 2000 shortly after Kaeli was born.  Since moving to Nelson, we took a sabbatical to live on our sailboat Duende in the Caribbean in 2006 and another to get a taste of urban living in Toronto in 2011.  Tara works as human resources consultant, Todd as a psychologist, Kaeli as a hockey player and (future) journalist, and Tyler as a computer programmer and (future) architect.  Todd and Tara are active community volunteers (Spectrum Solutions, Nelson CARES, Nelson Economic Development Partnership, Kootenay Kids, Trafalgar PAC).  We’re looking forward to the wonderful opportunities that this land and cohousing village offer!

Fai C. & Gerald M.


Gerald … I’m continuing my journey toward a more sustainable and resilient way of being and doing … in support of what some deep ecologists have called the “Great Turning”… the transition from the industrial-growth society to a life-sustaining society … the essential adventure of our time.  Fai … Two years ago, I left my NGO job in Hong Kong to go traveling with Gerald … for reskilling and exploring other lifestyles. We enjoy baking, fermentation, Qikong, permaculture, natural building, and all sorts of things that bring more beauty and a sense of “aliveness” into our lives … that we can then share with others. We look forward to continuing our exploration and growth through a co-creative and mutually supportive community life.

Robyn I. & Marco E. & Azuli

 Marco-RobynRobyn has been living in the area for several years.  She is a Bodyworker, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Continuum Movement teacher and a facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie. She also co-teaches in the Clearheart Bodywork Training in Nelson. She is passionate about learning and growing in ways that help to deepen her experience of life, especially in the realms of relationships and connection.  Marco came to Canada from Mexico 5 years ago.  He is passionate about gardening, studied permaculture in Mexico and is interested in new ways of sharing the landscapes of the earth in an organic and sustainable way.  They resonate deeply with the vision of the Nelson Co-housing project, and are especially excited to raise their 18 month old daughter, Azuli, in this community.


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