Above:  Nevada City Cohousing and Duwamish Cohousing

Our Vision

The purpose of our coming together in land ownership is to engage in and enjoy the mutual support and joy of community living. Our community will be shaped by the principles of embracing diversity, mindful communication, an environmental ethic of living lightly, and within a sustainable land use design. We aim to build resilience in our community by cultivating food and land based skills, and exchanging those skills with the broader community around us.


We envision a community with 24 households. We will be multi-generational, with lots of children and elders. We hope to have a very diverse group of people with many different skills and abilities to contribute. We welcome people who seem like a good fit for the spirit and vision of our community. Likewise, it is our assumption that you and your household would like to find a community that is a “fit” for you. As a result, we’ve created this self-evaluation to help explore your compatibility with our evolving community. We offer you openness and honesty about ourselves as well. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to ask!

Finally, we will build opportunity to work and play together into our community as a way to build relationships.

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